The dress with bobbin lace

In 1999 I did a class Historical Clothing at Jacoba de Jonge.
There I saw a beautiful dress, made of fine wool and with hand made bobbin lace.
I had seen pictures of queen Wilhelmina who, as a small child, wore dresses like this.
I wanted to copy this dress in miniature.

Jacoba was so kind to lend me this dress so I could take all the measures and make the pattern.
I made the lace using Egyption cotton nr 185
The length of this dress is 4 cm.

front of the original dress

front of the miniature dress

side of the miniature dress

back of the original dress

back of the miniature dress

detail of the back with very small buttons

A box dedicated to the year 1880.
Looking at the underwear you can see very clearly where all the tucks with strings were, to pop-up the Bustle ( queue).
These clothes are the exact copies of the originals.


Here are hanging 2 sleeping caps. It was very normal to wear a sleeping cap in bed as it was usually very cold in the sleeping room.


Also 3 pairs of undersleeves.
They were worn under a dress because they could easily be washed



 The well known split drawers with beautiful hand embroidered broderie on the legfrills.






3 Reticles. Reticules are small bags that were worn around the wrist.
They have been in fashion for a long time.
The reticles are knitted from very thin sewing thread.
They are only 2 cm long.

A silver chatelaine.  A chatelaine hung on a belt around the waist.
This one has 3 chaines. Often chatelaines have more chaines with useful objects.



I am so glad with this beautiful sewing table.
It was made by Dhr Damery from France.

Looking at these underskirts you can see that they were made for a queue. They have strings you can pull to get a bustle. It has three tucks before the final hem. The triangular hem I made by hand. This was extremely fiddly.
First I had to mak a small cut, than fold the fabric, iron it and fasten it with yarn and needle.


This underskirt is also hand sewn. The green ribbon is bobbin lace. The broderie ( all those tiny holes) I made by hand

Next to the skirt a pair of black leather pull boots.