This is the famous dress that Yves St Laurent designed from his Mondrian collection.
This dress is in the possession of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
I knitted the dress in scales 1-12, 1-24, 1-48, 1-96 and 1-144.


This is the back  in scale 1-144.
At the front a small part has to be knitted in yellow.
Then the threads need to be tied off and the dress
sewn together.



More micro knitting

The length of these jumpers and dresses is between 4 - 8 mm.

Astounding  Knits


This American book is about all kinds of special knits. From micro knitting (mine) to huge knitting and everything in between.
I was honored when they asked me to send me pictures of my micro knitting

The Tiny Garden

In the context of my micro knitting I have tried to dress as small a doll as possible with a knitted dress.
It works with a doll in scale 1/160. The doll is 1 cm.
Then I wanted to make something around the doll. I had a nice plastic box with a magnifying glass in the lid.
That seemed very appropriate. The box was 2.5 x 2.5 cm.

I took a piece of silk canvas measuring 2.5 x 2.5 cm.
In the middle I made a small green carpet with different colors of green sewing thread that looks like a soft lawn.
I embroidered tile shapes along one side with gray sewing thread and added brown stitches along the other edges
to represent earth.

I made tiny flowers of kite paper and tissue paper and "planted" them together with some natural material
and then the TINY GARDEN was ready.
What a wonderfully protected garden to sleep in!

The American magazine Knit-knit issue 5 did an article about The Tiny Garden.