A needlework shop, small of size, great in what it contains! Size of the shop 7 x 3 x 3 cm.

To make everything as small and as beautiful as I can, is a real challenge for me.

How small can I knit, embroider and make lace etc. This is the result so far…


At the right is mostly knitting. On the wall are hanging
jumpers ( 9 x 4 mm) and on the floor are dresses (8 mm) on a stand.
The fabrics are on the shelfs, on the top and bottom are baskets with wool.

In the middle are 3 embroideries and a bobbiblace pillow.
In the cupboard are pattern books with patterns inside! The lace at the bottom shelf is bobbinlace.

At the left a woman is making bobbin lace. The lace on the wall and all the stripes of lace ( 1-3 mm) are hand made.

A doily of 5 mm.

This is not a trade site, but you can always sent me an e-mail if you are seriously interested in a miniature.
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