At the time I was part of an American email group and from 2005-2008 we did a "Challenge" together. We chose a subject, started knitting it, and one day we put a picture of it in a photo album. That was a lot of fun. I then knitted figures that I would otherwise never have knitted.


This is Peter Pan.
He is 2,9 cm.
Cute, but to my taste a bit too large.


The next one was Little Red Riding Hood.
She is smaller, just under 2.5 cm.


Pinocchio is one of my favorite fairy tale characters.
Not the Disney version, but the Italian one.
I have a small collection of miniature Pinocchio's.
This knitted Pinocchio is 3 cm.

Next was Peter Rabbit.
The famous bunny with his blue jacket. This one is 2.3 cm.
In Beatrix Potter's booklet is a funny scene drawn in which the farmer hangs up Peter's coat as a scarecrow. And I wanted to make that scene. I wanted to make that scene. So I knitted another rabbit, even smaller, only 1.5 cm and made the scene.


A pirate was the next challenge.
I don't really like pirates much.
This sweet little pirate is 2.3 cm.

This was a challenge right up my alley "knit a nativity scene". I had planned to do that for so long. Once I had knitted Mary, 1.7 cm, it was not difficult to knit Joseph, the 3 kings and the shepherds afterwards.
The sheep were a real challenge.
8 mm long and 5 mm. high. And then I had to knit the tiny ears. What a fiddle.


Snow White is the final challenge. Again I did not go for the Disney version but just my own version. When she was done she was 2.2 cm. But what's Snow White without dwarfs? On knitting needles of 0.5 mm and with very thin yarn I managed to knit a dwarf of 1.2 cm.  I was happy! And then I had to do another 6.
But what a nice scene!


Did I make a book about the knitted figures? Yes I did. This book is 2,5 x 2,5 cm.

You can see it in my webshop