How it started

 Once I knitted a strawberry shaped tea cosy. And when I was at a dollshouse fair, I looked for a matching teapot.
I discovered a whole range of teapots in the shape of fruit and vegetables. I bought two, because I liked them.
It was very nice to see the strawberry pot and cosy together. Then I knitted a matching cosy to go with the new garlic teapot.
 And  I was hooked!
I ordered all the pots and started to knit matching cosies.
Meanwhile I had to find a place to store them. I knew I had my parents’ old tea cosy somewhere in the attic.
This seemed to be a nice place for the miniature pots.
This is the old cosy.

First I pulled out the lining to see what was inside.
I made two cardboard boxes  and took some filling out so the boxes could be put inside.
A second box was made a little smaller to fit in the first.
In a patchwork shop I bought 3 matching pieces of fabric.
For the outside of the cosy I found a nice fabric with little teapots. The outside of the box is a plain dark red and the inside of the boxes is the same as the lining. The fabrics looked very nice together.
On one side there are the fruit-and vegetable tea cosies and on the opposite side miscellaneous pots and cosies.

 When I put the fruit and vegetable tea pots on one side, the box was instantly complete.

 A racing car tea pot and a garage tea cosy , a Dutch cow-tea pot and a Dutch farm cosy, yellow dotted tea pot and yellow dotted cosy.
Blue flowered tea pot with a little mouse and a blue flowered tea cosy with a little mouse!

 A Chinese teapot with a Chinese girl tea cosy, A lighthouse tea pot and a boat tea cosy. A farmers cart tea pot and a haystack tea cosy.
Isn't this a cute mushroom shaped tea pot? The lid is a ladybug. I knitted a ladybug  tea cosie with eyes and feelers.

A tea pot in the shape of an old fashioned lady. I knitted her skirt from shiny rayon and multicolored metallic thread. After that I embroidered the front with gold thread.
A nice tea pot with matching tea cosie.
PetraBrijl made this lovely 1001- night fairy tale tea pot for me. To keep the atmosphere I knitted the tea cosie in silk and gold.

Will the snowman tea pot be happy with this nice warm teacosie?
The two bears, aren't they both cute? Looking at the bear teacosie I thought: "I could knit a pig like that. And then the cow, rat,mouse and horse. The zebra and giraffe were the last ones. Now I have to search for matching tea pots!

I found this tea pot of Petittoes ( Beatrix Potter) for the pig, the rat by this tea pot, And a zebra tea pot for the zebra. Some animal tea cosies have to wait for a matching pot. The last tea pot I got from Helen Palenski. That was a swap.

I was invited to go to the IGMA show in New York in April 2006 and sell my miniatures. I asked Dieneke Boektje to paint some white teapots in Delft to match the teacosies I had knitted especially for the show.
In New York I bought a Rabbit shaped teapot and an English cottage shaped teapot.
Once I arrived home, I matched the pots with the two cosies I had already knitted.
Mycollection grows and grows.......

A friend gave me this parrot
tea potand I knitted
a bird cage cosy. Actually, I knitted two as my friend had the same teapot.

In 2007  Wilma vanElderen said to me: "I have a very nice teapot at home.
I will make that one in miniature; one for me and one for you". I was thrilled.  The miniature teapot she made was lovely.
Then I knitted 2 matching teacosies in the
shape of a hughe blue berrypie.
And we were both pleased.

It took until the summer of 2011
before I knitted this boot-shaped teacosy. Look at the face of Puss in Boot, she loves her new home!

Still in the mood I made this
Ocean-teacosy. 1 thread of variegated cotton and 1 thread of mother-of-pearl gave the right impression of sea water. The used pattern is called: Little waves during high tide.

During the fair in Arnhem in Octobre 2012
I bought this skull shaped teapot made from fimo. As I had already designed a sweater
with a skull it was easy to knit this teacosy.
At the back are the letters R.I.P.
I hope the skull does not laugh too loud so he can rest in peace.

It took until 2018 before I knitted more tea cosies. I had already  a number of tea pots on my desk, waiting for a matching cosy.
The first one is a toy shop, then a mill with a bag of wheat tea cosy. The cute tea pot cheshire cat of Alice in Wonderland got a vanishing tea cosy and the little tea pot with a birds nest on the lid and a blackbird on the the grip got a large blackbird tea cosie.

Tea pot "Three french hens" from the poem "On the first day of Christmas" got a tea cosy in the shape of a parcel because the poem says "my true friend send to me", then an english telephone box tea pot with matching cosy, a German nut cracker tea pot with matching cosy and an English "Bobby" with a helmet tea cosy

So cute, this tea pot is the mother of Peter Rabbit. With a matching tea cosy, unfortunately the ears are too long but she can hear very sharp!

I also knitted a whole range of tea pots with tea cosies. For my collection and for my webshop to sell.

Interested which tea pots with tea cosies I have in my shop?  
You can see them here  https://www.miniaturenannelies.nl/miniatures-1-12/soft-toys-teapots-and-more