Stamps are often small works of art and jewelery for an envelope. (At least that was how it used to be)
I like to look at them and when they are beautiful I can really enjoy them.

At one point in 1998 I thought: I would really like to have my work on stamps.
And since I had no illusion that that would ever succeed officially, I made the stamps myself.

I made 4 series:
The Cake Buffet series - photos of the bobbin lace cake buffet.
The Annelace series - photos of my miniature lace from my lace shop.
The series of the 70s - photos from my 70s dollhouse.
70's stamp - photo of a 70's set-up. See the picture above.
I glued all stamps to an envelope once.
The stamps have been controlled and the letters have all arrived at their intended place.

With this cake buffet I was on television in 2001 in the Jack Spijkerman program.

Series Cake Buffet

I used this picture to make the stamps.


These letters have been send and they have arrived.

Series Annelace

I made this series to honour my miniature lace.
The lace on the stamps is from my lace shop. I made the lace which is only a few centimeters wide.


All these letter have arrived too

Series of the 70's  stamps

A series of stamps with images from my 70's dollhouse.

The back cover on which the letters are pasted says: KPA. This stands for Kunst Postzegels Annelies.
This is stated in full on the bottom line of each painting.



And again all letters arrived at the right house.

Stamp 70's set-up

The whole series started with this one stamp. The apple green chairs and table, the crocheted lampshade and the embroidered chair cushions are so typical the 1970s.

This project dates from the time when it was not yet possible to legally make stamps from your own image.
So it was way ahead of its time.

TV recording about this project:
Kopspijkers van Jack Spijkerman - 6 april 2002

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