This is a house from about 1980.
Here are living: a father and a mother with 2 daughters. One 8-year-old that loves horses and a teenage girl.
Both daughters love doing gymnastics. They have there own room to practice on the attick.

The hall

The floor and the walls have green and grey "marble".
At the back is a small cupboard with a vase with daffodil. Above that hangs an embroidered dogs head. On the right is a grandfathers clock and at the other side a coat rack.
This is the cardigan of the youngest girl.

The livingroom


The youngest is watching tv. in the living room. A table with flowers, an ashtray and the book of hare hank with real pages.

The kitchen


The cosy red-white kitchen where mother is making tea.
A red-white kitchen was very cool.

The master bedroom


Very modern is this bedroom. The bed is build on the floor like a kind of throne and the white carpet runs over the sides of the bed. The duvet is made of silk . The cupboards are Chinese inspired.

The bathroom


Father is in the bathroom and is about to brush his teeth. In the bathroom is a bath, a shower and a toilet.

sleeping room youngest daughter

I think it is clear that she loves horses.

Sleepingroom elder girl


This is the room of a teenager on the attic
Posters on the wall and the bed is hanging from the ceiling.
The duvet has a printed picture of Madonna
Oh yeah, there is also a desk for studying.

The gymnastics room


Which girl would not dream to have there own gymnastics room?

The attick

All storage as you can see.