Three of us wanted to make a house in 1/144 scale. It was the first time for all of us.
My friend said she had a funny cupboard that she wanted to use the bottom part of. She told me I could have the top part.
And that became my first house in 1/144 scale.
When I look at it now I realise how terrible the wallpaper is. The pattern is much too big.
But these are the kind of mistakes you make the first time.

In the living room father is sitting on the couch. Above the couch hangs a print of a tapestry I once made for a Dutch dolls house magazine.

I made the dolls by putting glue over a wire frame. Once dry it looked like a doll. At that time I hadn't thought of buying tiny dolls in a rail model shop.



The table cloth in the kitchen is a piece of a plastic bag.
I was pleased to find that out because it looks very good.

On the wall in the living are two embroidered pictures. The picture of the house in the kitchen is an embroidery pattern I designed for the dollshouse magazine.

On the kitchen table is a delicious cake waiting to be cut and eaten. Even the cat is hungry!




In the nursery is a bunk bed.