This ladies cardigan is Fair Isle knitting. 
With this I entered the PIMA competition of the fair in Kensington.
My love for Norwegian and Fair Isle sweaters dates back to my childhood. I had, and still have a love for these sweaters.
To wear and also to make myself.
Here are some creations that I have designed and knitted myself over time.

The pattern of the sweater with sock slippers can be found in "Knitted sweaters and stockings in miniature".


2 Norwegian sweaters
The pattern of the first sweater is in "Knitted sweaters in miniature". The pattern of the second sweater is in "Knitted sweaters and caps in miniature".

These Norwegian sweaters I sell in my webshop

3 Sweaters with patterns from Peru.
The patterns of the first 2 sweaters are in the book "Knitted sweaters in miniature".

I knitted these 4 jumpers after my own childrens jumpers.

You can buy the patterns of this jumper and the cardigans in my webshop.

It is so nice to knit patterns in baby and childrens clothes.

Even in very small jumpers patterns can be knitted. The first 4 knittings are scale 1-48, the little doll scale 1-12, the smallest jumper scale 1-144.

These are some of my patternbooks from my webshop  https://www.miniaturenannelies.nl/pattern-books